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The ‘Wathall’s Way’

Family values are at the core of our company but more than that – ask any member of our team and they will always refer to ‘the Wathall’s Way’.

The ‘Wathall’s Way’ is at the heart of everything we do: whether that is helping people take out pre-payment funeral plans; arranging a funeral; creating a lasting memorial or supporting families through bereavement.

It is the ethos behind how we work, treat each other and the families we serve and how we support our local communities.

These guiding principles have been embedded in our culture over the generations and have seen us through the challenges brought by numerous economic depressions, two world wars and ever-changing societal behaviours.

Despite all the changes since Wathall’s started in 1858, our number one focus is to support each other, the families who need us and our local communities – guided by our values:

  • Respect for all – The way we treat each other, and the way we treat those we serve, always with respect for others
  • Strive for excellence, everyday – Great isn’t good enough, strive for excellence in everything we do
  • Act with integrity – Our commitment to work transparently, honestly, and doing what is best for the families and each other, taking responsibility for our actions
  • Commitment to our community and surroundings – We commit to caring for and supporting our community and surroundings in whatever way we can
  • Accessible support – Everyone deserves compassion and has the right to access support, we do not discriminate, and all are welcome