Funeral Pricing

Typical funeral Pricing

We have laid out below the cost of a typical funeral. This would include, bringing the deceased into our care, preparation of the deceased, use of our visiting chapel, and our professional fees. In addition to the above, we have included the cost of a typical cremation at Markeaton Crematorium and the associated charges that come with this.

Our charges:

Taking care of all necessary legal and administrative arrangements £1075

Collecting and transporting the deceased person from the place of death into our care £395

Care of the deceased £265

The York Oak Veneered Coffin £395

Use of our Chapel of Rest to visit the deceased £75

Mercedes Hearse and Mercedes Limousine £650

TOTAL £2855.00


Markeaton Crematorium Fee from £530

Doctors Fee for cremation certificate £82 (Currently reduced to one certificate, the usual cost is £164)

Celebrant Fees £200

TOTAL £3667

In addition to the above, we are often asked to supply service sheets. They start at £80 for 20.

Floral tributes also start from £25

The Simple Funeral

We have comprised this package for those who wish to keep the funeral costs to a minimum. This service consists of the funeral directors’ fees, plus those disbursement fees paid on your behalf for the crematorium, doctors, and officiant. Visiting your loved one is available for the fee of £75 as detailed in our ‘Services and Products’ price list. Other additional services are available through our bespoke funeral option only.

This service includes transfer of the deceased into our care, completion of all documentation, provision of a hearse, a simple light oak veneered coffin (in a standard size) with name plate, Conductor and necessary staff, a Cremation service at Markeaton Crematorium** on a date of our choosing with the service usually taking place between 8:30am – 10:00am.

Full payment is required in advance of the funeral taking place.

Total cost £3050 inclusive of disbursements

** If you wish to specify the crematorium, this may increase the price.

Direct Cremation

Our Direct Cremation package has been created for those who would like a very simple funeral with no attendance. The direct cremation costs consist of the funeral directors’ fees and those disbursement fees paid on your behalf such as the crematorium and doctors’ fees. There are a growing number of direct cremation van operators. We conduct ourselves by our company values, which is why we promise as funeral directors at the heart of the community we will never compromise on service, dignity, and care. A photo of the coffin going into the service chapel on the day of the funeral can be provided on request.

This service includes transfer of the deceased into our care inside office hours, completion of all documentation, doctors’ fees where applicable, cremation on a day and time that we choose with no service or mourner attendance at the crematorium**, suitable simple coffin (in a standard size) with nameplate, option to collect the cremated remains from the crematorium or an unwitnessed scattering of the ashes in the Garden of Remembrance.

Full payment is required at the arrangement.

Total cost £1395 inclusive of disbursements

Out of hours transfer – additional £295

Visiting your loved one is available for the fee of £75 as detailed in our standardised price list.

** If you wish to specify the crematorium, this may increase the price.

Bespoke Funeral

Our Bespoke Funerals are tailored to your specific requirements and wishes. Selecting from our extensive services and products, and with our years of expertise and knowledge, we will help you create a funeral fitting to the personality of your loved one. Prices for these can be found below in ‘Wathall’s Services and Products’.

Wathall’s Services & Products

Professional Services

Otherwise known as our administrative arrangement fee. This fee includes our 24-hour telephone support to all our families, provision of a fully trained funeral arranger to make the arrangements to your specification, the organisation and completion of relevant documentation for the funeral to take place, organisation, and monitoring of online donations.



This fee is for the provision of our private ambulance and the required members of staff to transport the deceased into our care.


Care and preparation

While your loved one are in our care, we will take the utmost care from the moment we come to collect them, to the moment they leave on their final journey. You can choose to have your loved one dressed in their own clothes or from a range of funeral gowns provided by ourselves.


Viewing of the Deceased

You may choose to come and visit your loved one in our private chapels. This fee includes transporting your loved one to the chapel location of your choice, and a member of staff to be available for further support.


Hygienic Treatment

Otherwise known as embalming, the hygienic treatment delays some of the natural effects of death as well as giving the deceased a more restful appearance. There is no legal obligation to embalm, however, in some cases we would recommend for safety reasons.

From £150


There is no additional charge for providing your own bearers. Our hearse fee includes the cost of two bearers which we require as a minimum to aid in lifting the coffin to shoulders and correct carry practice is followed. If additional bearers are required, either by request of the family or due to the size of the coffin or difficult access to the place of service then additional costs of £25 per bearer will be charged

For 4 bearers £50

For 6 bearers £100


Our transport fees are based on leaving a destination of your choice, traveling to the service at up to two locations within 20 miles of our premises. Should you have also hired a limousine, this charge also includes dropping off at the reception venue.

Mercedes Hearse & transport for funeral staff – £495

Mercedes Hearse & one matching Limousine – £650

Additional Limousines – £255

Executive Car (4 seats) – £195

Alternative transport

As well as our traditional funeral transportation, we can also arrange alternative hearses. Should your requirements not be listed below, please speak to your funeral arranger, and they will assist you. With these hearse choices, we will need to provide transportation of the conductor, as well as providing protection and safety to the cortege, this will be at the cost of £195.

Horse Drawn Hearse

Black horses and matching carriage hearse £825

White horses and matching carriage hearse £925

Motorcycle Hearse

Triumph Bonneville, Triumph Thunderbird or Suzuki Hayabusa £1005.00

Harley Davidson £1095.00

Trike £1175

Additional services

Additional transfers to a private residence or into Church on the same day as the funeral £150

Transferring your loved one into Church or home the day before the funeral is due to take place £295

Arranging and conducting the interment of cremated remains at a local church or cemetery £100

Collection and delivery of Ashes locally £50

Additional professional fees

In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to charge additional fees where extra time and involvement is required to fulfil the wishes of the family. These will be quoted for at the time of the arrangement, however, the below are set fees in common circumstances.

Saturday funeral surcharge £400

There may also be additional charges by other services and venues.

Funeral plan administration fee £250

Legal charge administration fee £250


Arranging and publishing of obituary or thanks notices starting from approximately £100*

*Price may vary due to wordcount, added images and the publication selected.

Doctors’ Fees £164* (£82 for each certificate) *Currently reduced to one Certificate

Ministers fee approx. £200

Crematorium fees for Markeaton Crematorium from £530

Funeral service in Church approximately £350

Burial fees at Derby City Council Cemetery from £718

Use of Nottingham Road Cemetery Chapel £88

Headstone removal by our Stonemason £144

Sexton fees for re-opening an existing grave from £250

Sexton fees for a new grave for two from £310

My Funeral Wishes

By planning ahead and using this My Funeral Wishes booklet you will save your next-of-kin and your loved ones the stress of trying to second-guess what you would have wanted. They will find great comfort by knowing that your funeral is carried out the way you want it.

Download Booklet

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