When Life Changes

Welcome to the When Life Changes Program. 

This is available to you through the services of your Funeral Director, Wathall’s as part of their overall support to their recently bereaved families and individuals.

The Program is delivered direct to you ‘online’ as 13 separate video segments, each one personally filmed by Dr Bill Webster. Each video segment is between 4 – 5 minutes long. 

Using the form below, please insert your name and your E-mail address. The first and subsequent videos will be sent to you via an E-mail from your funeral director, Wathall’s.

We sincerely hope you find this program of value and support in your own personal grief journey.

    Bereavement Blog

    Fay Bloor is our Bereavement Support Coordinator and a fully qualified counsellor. She has written a series of blogs about different aspects of bereavement which we hope you find interesting and of comfort as you move through your grief journey.

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