We have a wide range of booklets and leaflets to support you in your grief journey. 

Please either download any of the resources below free of charge or contact us for a hard copy, which you can either arrange to collect from any of our branches or we can send them to you by post.

  • Now What by Dr Bill Webster – this offers an outline of what the grief process might look like and some suggestions to help cope. Not available to download but we can post a copy.
  • Lost for Words by Dr Bill Webster -this is a guide for how to talk to and help offer understanding of someone that has been bereaved. Not available to download but we can post a copy.

Printed booklets that you can also download:

We also have a series of blogs and articles that we have written with advice on how to manage bereavement, please click on the link to the right hand side.

Bereavement Blog

Fay Bloor is our Bereavement Support Coordinator and a fully qualified counsellor. She has written a series of blogs about different aspects of bereavement which we hope you find interesting and of comfort as you move through your grief journey.

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