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Missing Someone Special – Children’s Grief Activity Book


‘Supporting a Child Through Grief’

This beautifully illustrated book has been written by Fay Bloor of Wathall’s, to help support children and young people who have lost a loved one.

The book has been published as part of Wathall’s Dandelions Bereavement Support service and gently explains practical things such as what happens at both burial and cremation services as well as highlighting the importance of sharing emotions following a bereavement.

There is also space for children to write down their happy memories of the loved one they have lost and express their feelings through words and pictures.

The activity book costs £12.99 and Wathall’s will make a donation to Treetops Hospice Care in Risley for every book sold.

The activity book is accompanied by a booklet and a blog, both also written by Fay Bloor, aimed at adults which focus on how to support children through bereavement.