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Poppy Wood

New Contemplation Area in The National Forest.

Wednesday 29th April marked the official opening of a new Contemplation Area at Poppy Wood, near Melbourne, Derbyshire.

Poppy Wood, planted in 2007, lies in a cluster of woodlands forming the northern gateway to The National Forest. The 66 acre woodland is located just off the A514, approx. one mile from Stanton by Bridge, less than 10 miles from Derby City centre.

Sponsorship from Derby Dandelions Bereavement Support Group has enabled the Forestry Commission to work with The National Forest to create the new area, which includes a picnic bench and seating area.

Helen Wathall, Managing Director of the local family firm, commented “Local community is very important to us and as part of my vision for Derby Dandelions Bereavement Support Group I wanted to create a place for everyone, not just the bereaved, to be able to capture the beauty of life and reflect on how life can take on a new shape. In the same way, we see the transformation of Poppy Wood, creating a legacy for future generations and making the most of what nature has provided.”

To mark the occasion, representatives from The Forestry Commission, The National Forest along with members and volunteers from Derby Dandelions Support Group gathered at Poppy Wood  for a formal planting of an oak tree sapling by Helen Wathall.