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Christmas Dread

Author and bereavement counsellor Fay Bloor wrote a blog about bout grief at Christmas, and the dread that bereaved people can face during the run up that was published on the Counselling Directory.

Fay said: “I’ve based a lot of the points in this article off conversations that I’ve had in the counselling room over the past few weeks, as it’s a theme that has come up repeatedly as the big day looms.

I’ve also included some tips on how to make the season a bit more bearable.

Take care of yourself this Christmas season, just because you celebrate (or don’t) a certain way this time, doesn’t mean it’s the way you have to do it always going forward. Listen to what feels right and most importantly of all – be gentle with yourself. Grief is hard work, particularly at the times of year where we want our loved ones around the most, you deserve your patience and compassion.”

The full article has been published on Counselling Directory and can be read here.