What happens when the Coroner is involved?

A number of deaths have to be reported to the Coroner before they can be registered. The deaths that must be referred to the Coroner include but are not limited to the following causes:

  1. There is a suspicion that the person’s death was due to;
  • poisoning, including by an otherwise benign substance
  • exposure to or contact with a toxic substance
  • the use of a medicinal product, controlled drug, or psychoactive substance.
  • violence
  • trauma or injury
  • self-harm
  • neglect, including self-neglect
  • the person undergoing a treatment or procedure of a medical or similar nature
  • an injury or disease attributable to any employment held by the person during their lifetime
  1. It is suspected that the person’s death was unnatural
  2. The cause of death is unknown
  3. The person died while in custody or otherwise in state detention
  4. There is no attending medical practitioner required to sign a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD)
  5. The attending medical practitioner is not available within a reasonable time of the person’s death to sign a MCCD
  6. The identity of the deceased cannot be ascertained

Once the death has been reported to the coroner, the registration of death cannot go ahead until the coroner has decided whether the further investigation into the death is necessary. In the vast majority of cases, no further investigation is necessary, and the registration can be completed straight away.

When a death is referred to the coroner, you will need to telephone the coroner’s officer who will give you further advice and guidance on what will happen next.

The coroner’s office for Derby and South Derbyshire is open Monday – Friday 8:30 to 15:30 (15:00 on Friday and not open on bank holidays) – Telephone: 01332 613014

We hope that this printable list will prepare you for the questions you will be asked when you speak to us. This list is intended as a guide only, and you can contact us at any stage for further advice and assistance.

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