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Advice for Christmas – Pressure & Preparation

We know that Christmas can be daunting for those that are bereaved, whether the bereavement was recent or many years ago.

Using our resources, we have put together some pieces of advice for the run up to Christmas. Every Friday until Christmas day, starting today, we will post a tip for coping with Christmas this year.

This week’s theme is Pressure & Preparation

There is always pressure around Christmas. With the thousands of tasks to complete, activities and occasions, stress levels can be quite high. When you are grieving, you may feel like you just don’t have the energy to do very much at all. Preparation is a great way to relieve pressure. Try asking yourself these two questions: “How much can I do?” and “What do I want to do?”. You and your family’s needs are important now, you don’t need to worry about the needs and expectations of others.

Try to decide what is important by making a list of the things you are going to do. Be realistic and don’t overload yourself. Take some time to decide how you are going to spend Christmas this year, if you have family and children that your decision affects, try to involve them in the process, you may find it a comfort as they will probably be feeling the same way. Some people want to keep Christmas exactly as it was, some people want to try something new like going away or volunteering for the day or even cancel Christmas completely. Whichever way you go, make that decision based on what is best for you and the loved ones going through the same difficult time.