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Advice for Christmas – All about you

So here we are, the weekend before Christmas and today’s advice for coping with Christmas is all about you. Christmas can be a time of overindulgence of food and alcohol, and the disruption of your routine can make it easier to forget to look after yourself. Although this may be very difficult, try to stick to a regular sleeping pattern and a relatively healthy diet. We can all overindulge at Christmas but using food or alcohol as an escape from pain of loss only provides temporary relief and can magnify problems when you come out the other side.
It is likely that emotions will take over, but don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. No one will judge you, grief is a natural process, and everyone deals with it differently. Go easy on yourself, you have been through huge emotional upheaval and your feelings are fragile. Exercise has been proven to improve mood and reduce anxiety – if you are feeling on the edge between “ok” and “not ok” why not ask a friend to go on a walk, you may find it will clear your head.
On Christmas Day, try to set aside some alone time in the morning of acknowledge the loss of your loved on. Spend this time remembering them and focusing on your happy memories, allowing yourself this time to cry.
The Cruse national helpline will be open offering a listening ear and emotional support to anyone who has lost someone they love, or been affected by a bereavement. For opening hours please visit

Thinking of you this Christmas,
From everyone at Wathalls.