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Floral Tributes

It can be difficult to choose the right floral tribute for a funeral that is both appropriate and truly reflective of the individuality of your loved one and the sentiments you want to express.

We work closely with local trusted florists, who have many years’ experience of creating beautiful and affordable floral tributes that are tailored to your individual needs.

Filter through different types of flowers using the controls below:

Vegetable Patch – S093

Pink Loose Cushion Pillow – S062

Initial Cushion Pillow – S063

Pink and Lilac Based Cushion Pillow – S065

Yellow and Green Posy Pad – S111

Pink Posy Pad – S038

White and Blue Posy Pad – S102

Orange and Red Posy Pad – S036

Pink and Lilac Posy Pad

Gerbera Wreath – S109

Yellow Based Wreath – S042

Section Wreath – S083

Peach and Cream Modern Wreath – S052

Yellow and Blue Wreath – S114

Vibrant Wreath – S091

White Wreath – S108

Pink Wreath – S053

Pink and Lilac Wreath – S118

Yellow Wreath – S115

Sunflower Oasis Spray – S080

Lily Sheaf – S011

Lily Sheaf –

Yellow Mixed Flower Oasis Spray – S017

Pink Mixed Flower Oasis Spray – S022

Loose Mum Letters – S074

Loose Dad Letters – S073

Double Mixed Heart – S058

Double Rose Heart – S059

All Our Love Rose Hearts – S031

Gypsophila Open Heart – S056

Open Cluster Heart – S077

Open Based Heart – S057

Open Loose Heart – S078

Closed Based Heart – S088

Mixed Rose Closed Heart – S033

Mixed Rose Open Heart – S030

Rose and Lily Loose Cross – S069

Modern Based Cross – S068

Based Cross – S067

Wicker Coffin Garland and Oasis Spray – S103

Simple Wicker Garland and Natural Spray – S104

Rose and Lily Coffin Spray – S019

Mixed Summer Coffin Spray – S012

Trailing Coffin Spray – S014

Mixed White Coffin Spray – S007

Blue and White Coffin Spray – S010

Lily Coffin Spray – S002

Mixed Carnation Coffin Spray – S006

Mixed Rose Coffin Spray – S008

Yellow Rose Coffin Spray – S117

Pink Rose Coffin Spray – S013

Mixed Flower Coffin Spray – S003

Red Rose Coffin Spray – S001