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Funeral Wishes

“If you do just one thing…”

By planning ahead and using this My Funeral Wishes form you will save your next-of-kin and your loved ones the stress of trying to second-guess what you would have wanted. They will find great comfort by knowing that your funeral is carried out the way you want it.

Using this form, you can make personal choices. You will be able to include what you would want at your funeral service, ensuring it reflects what is important to you and your family.

We have designed this form to help you think about the options you might consider when making your personal choices. A funeral is an occasion for you and your family and friends to express their grief and celebrate your life, so fill in as much of the form as you feel able to. If you have any questions about services brought to attention in the booklet, please call one of our branches where a member of staff will be more than happy to help.

Click here to download the Funeral Wishes brochure

If I can offer just a single piece of advice it would be to “Make your Funeral Wishes known”, for the benefit of your family and friends, and for your own piece of mind too