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A Hug After Loss Box


In partnership with Colleague Box

A Hug After Loss Box; designed to be comforting, but also practical in helping to process grief. The contents of this box have been specially selected to support the different challenges that grief may bring.

The carefully curated contents are as follows:

Pillow Spray, Hot Chocolate and Chamomile Tea – Sleep can often by elusive after loss, we’ve included these items to help relaxation and sleep.

Coffee – For the morning after little sleep.

Tissues – To remind you that it is ok, and healthy, to cry if you feel the need to.

Bath powder and a candle – To give you some quiet and relaxing moments.

Colour-in quotes – Quotes help us to feel understood, and colouring gives some mindful moments and break from thinking.

Chocolate – A deserved little treat.

Seed packet – To grow in memory of a loved one.

Journal – Perhaps the most useful item in the box, the journal can help by:

  • Giving somewhere to release the intense emotions of grief.
  • Giving somewhere to ‘put’ all those busy thoughts, helping you to sleep.
  • Giving a place to be completely honest about feelings without fear of upsetting anyone or being judged.
  • Being a place to write down things you need to remember, as grief can make us forgetful.
  • Being a place for you to write letters to your loved one, with the things you wish you could tell them, this is a healthy continuing bond with them.

An information card – to explain the contents and reason behind them.