Grief Journey for Businesses

As well as running our Grief Journey Programme in the community, Wathall’s offer a bespoke support programme to enable businesses, organisations and charities* to better help colleagues and stakeholders come to terms with bereavement.

Grief Journey for Businesses can be delivered either in the workplace or an external venue nearby and is designed for small groups of people who are at various stages in their bereavement process. 

It is not formal counselling but the opportunity to be part of a group that explores the grief process and emotional pathway and helps people come to terms with adjustments to life as it is now and the ‘new normal’.

Our aim of bringing this into the workplace is to break down the taboos of talking about death and encourage everyone to be more open about their feelings.

For more information or to book in a programme, please contact Wathall’s Bereavement Support Coordinator, Fay Bloor, on 01332 345268 or email

*This service is free of charge to charities

Bereavement Blog

Fay Bloor is our Bereavement Support Coordinator and a fully qualified counsellor. She has written a series of blogs about different aspects of bereavement which we hope you find interesting and of comfort as you move through your grief journey.

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