Children’s Bereavement Support

Talking to a child about death can sometimes feel too difficult to do. Often adults feel like they must protect children from this harsh reality but avoiding the discussions can cause confusion and anxiety for the child. Children are extremely resilient and can deal with the truth, if it is explained gently to them in age-appropriate language that they understand.

Wathall’s team of trained facilitators and counsellors have produced special resources to help open those important conversations, including a booklet ‘Supporting a child through grief’ which is available to download free of charge and a children’s grief activity book which costs £12.99 and is available to buy here.

Bereavement Blog

Fay Bloor is our Bereavement Support Coordinator and a fully qualified counsellor. She has written a series of blogs about different aspects of bereavement which we hope you find interesting and of comfort as you move through your grief journey.

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