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Tributes & Keepsakes

We work closely with a number of organisations who offer a number of different and unique tributes and keepsakes to honour your loved one. From a white dove release to a dramatic fireworks display using some of the ashes of your loved one, there is something to suit every taste.

Listed below are some of the companies that we use to provide these bespoke and individual tributes. You can either discuss this with a member of our team or contact the companies directly quoting “G.Wathall & Son”.

We do not endorse use of any of these services and take no accountability for the provision of services by these companies.

Traditional Piper


Piping at funerals is a Scottish and Irish tradition which has become more popular in recent years at many funerals. Anders Hobson, a local man, has many years of experience piping at funerals. A fitting tribute to someone with Scottish or Irish links.



White dove releases at a funeral service represent the flight of everlasting peace. One option for a white dove releases is one single white dove released, followed by three white doves released, representing the Farther, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Another option is what is known as the Angel release. One single white dove is released, followed by a flock of white doves which represent the Angels carrying the spirit to Heaven.

Fingerprint Jewellery & Keepsakes

Life Expressions Ltd. offer lasting keepsake jewellery and ornaments to capture life’s memories. From fingerprint engraving to encasing ashes, the offer a range of stylish and comforting jewellery, offering something to everyone’s taste. Life Expressions customises each product to perfectly capture the memories you wish to treasure.

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