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Grief Journey Derby

We work in association with grief counsellor and author Dr. Bill Webster (pictured right) using exclusive content from The Centre for Grief Journey. Over four weeks we meet once a week for a two-hour session that covers how grief affects people, confronting emotions and loneliness. Grief is an individual experience; each person’s grief is unique and personal. The Grief Journey sessions help you to explore the grief process and your own journey to help you cope with adjustments to life as it is now and in the future. This is an educational programme designed to equip you with the tools and a fresh mindset to come to terms with your grief and work towards your future.

“Each person on the course were treated as an individual with respect and understanding of their individual grief. Gradually during the course my feelings have changed from having no future or purpose to a more positive outlook for the future “. – Anon

To participate in this course, attendance to all 4 sessions is required. Pre-booking is essential and you can do this by calling or emailing the contact details below. The dates of the next course will be announced on our news page and our social media accounts.

If you need any more information about Grief Journey or cannot attend and would like to be put on the waiting list for the next programme, please call 01332 345268 or alternatively email our Bereavement Services Coordinator Fay:

New for 2019, as well as running our Grief Journey Programme in the community, we have also launched a programme to help companies through times of loss with dedicated programmes designed to ease the isolation of grief. These programmes are chargeable and the price of each programme is assessed on a case by case basis.

If you work for a business, charity* or organisation that may benefit from the programme either as a one off or as a regular fixture, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

*Charities can receive the programme free of charge

“It is difficult to explain the positive difference between myself now and the way I was feeling at the beginning of the programme. I do know there is still a way for me to go but I feel more able and equipped to now deal with the future.” – Anon